JOJ wears this dress when she enters the palace as IK’s sumuru (handmaiden helping with the wardrobe during the crown princess selection).
Her hair are again arranged into a  daenggi meori hairstyle which consists of a braid adorned by a red daenggi with a flower pattern (a ribbon) and a gorgeously designated jade dwikkoji (smaller hairpin) on one side of her head that links together roses blossoms.
The chima made of an intense magenta colour matches the light purple jeogori and its stark dongjeong (white removable collar), green kudongs (end sleeves) and a contasting red otgoreum. 
She also opted for an azure jangot (a coat worn by women so they could cover their faces in front of strangers) which she holds in her hand but doesn’t actually put on.
And now the pair of shoes that caused so much stir among the journalists and Korean netizens alike .
They are basically one of two types of shoes made out of silk with intricate embroidery called danghye or unhye  that used to be typically worn by the noble women in Joseon. 
The term of danghye originated from the arabesque pattern of the applique on the toe and heel whereas  unhye originated from the cloud pattern on the toe of the shoes. But I can’t get a closer look at them so it’s difficult to really identify them.
daenggi meori with a braid adorned by a red embroidered daenggi (ribbon) is decorated by a purple baetssi daenggi placed on top of her head (a variation of cheopji for unmarried women).
 The apricot chima is again in perfect contrast with the wine-coloured jeogori.
The upper garment consists of many details – the lower hald is basically a stretch of intricate flower embroidery, topped by a green fabric around the neckline with a stark dongjeong (white removable collar) and pink otgoreum that bounds the cloth together.
The innovative kudongs (end sleeves), normally prominent, are adorned by another small embroidered patterns that make this beautiful hanbok a real masterpiece. 


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