If you decide to runaway do it in style because it’d probably be a once-in-a-life-time experience – I guess that is what JOJ was thinking when she chose a pink jeogori with mangnolia embroidery for her fugitive venture. A matching otgoreum and stark dongjeong are neccesity with a black chima to complement the whole attire.  
Her hair are again arranged into a  daenggi meori hairstyle which consists of a braid adorned by a rosy daenggi with a flower pattern (a ribbon).
Finally, an intricate metallic dwikkoji consisting of flower shape and little pearls is attached on one side of her head.
For her secret visit of the slave smuggler she picked a deep violet jangot (a coat worn by women so they could cover their faces in front of strangers) and we finally get the chance to see her actually wear this “mysterious” piece of cloth, I’m beginning to think that only an illegal dealings make JOJ cover her face that even the most harcore historians claim to be one of the most beautiful in the Joseon Era.
However, the cloak worn by her friend is a different type of cloth used to cover the face called sseugae chima that is made like a chima.
If we were making a poll for the shortest screentime of a dress this would be the winner as we are allowed only a glimpse of it during the Jang family reunion scene and no official stills featuring this particular hanbok were released. 

daenggi meori with a braid adorned by a green daenggi (ribbon) is decorated by a beautiful dwikkoji consisting of various flowers and blossoms.
The dark yellow chima is again in perfect contrast with the deep violet jeogori.
The upper garment is embroidered with a prominant pattern of magnolia flowers and topped by a stark dongjeong (white removable collar) at the rim of the neckline and bound by a luminous otgoreum.

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