Considering the importance of the outcome JOJ carefully chooses her apparel for the audience with the Great Queen Dowager.

Since she will be visiting an important member of the royal family she opts for a simple but elegant lavender dangui, a jacket worn over the jeogori which the people who didn’t belong to the royal family used during official or ceremonial occasions. 
 photo vlcsnap-2013-05-19-23h55m18s195_zpsa69f0ae9.png
The overflapping parts are tied together by a turqouise otgoreum (cloth strap) holding an intricate norigae (pendant) and a dongjeong (white collar strap) with a pink git (fabric that trims the collar curve) emphasizes the curve of the neckline. 
 photo vlcsnap-2013-05-19-23h57m26s194_zps5502b9721_zps185cee57.png
A contrasting red chima and a green jangot (an overcoat used to cover the face of its wearer)complete the look.
Due to her status of an unmarried woman JOJ styles her hair into a daenggi meori which consists of a braid adorned by a multi-coloured daenggi (ribbon) with a prominent butterfly embroidery. 
 photo vlcsnap-2013-05-19-23h54m52s194_zpsd25df2af.pngIt’s decorated on sides with various flower-shaped dwikkoji (smaller hairpins).

The coiffure is complemeted by a gorgeous golden baetssi daenggi placed on top of her head (a variation of cheopji for unmarried women) which is colour-coordinated with her dangui.


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