The moment JOJ officially enters the palace she dons the prescribed uniform of a sewing room gungnyeo (lady-in-waiting) which consists of a salmon jeogori adorned by a black otgoreum, git and kudongs (sleeves cuffs) and topped with a dongjeong.
The upper garment complemets the turquoise chima which is ornated by a decorative embroidered daenggi.
When put on the washing duty, JOJ wears a white overal apron over the dress to protect it from the dirty water.
We can spot the shoes which are called hye (low cut shoes, similar to contemporary flats), however, there are many variations of hye both for men and women and since there is no good close-up it’s hard to indentify them.
When she joined the palace sewing room JOJ became one of the king’s women (all women living and serving in the palace except his family belong to the king) therefore her hairstyle changed together with her status.
She no longer wears a daenggi meori but a hairstyle known as a saeng meori, in which the braid is brought onto the head, a daenggi fixes and decorates it and finally another hair accessory called baetssi daenggi is put on the top.
It’s the perfect dress for designing clothes for the royal family and moonlight trysts with the king.


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