Daenggi meori (댕기 머리) belongs among the most commonly used haistyle in korean sageuk as it could be worn only by unmarried women. 
Notable thing is that in traditional Korea, unmarried man also wore daengggi meori, only with a different colored daenggi. This was because Confucianism requires that you cannot cut your hair, as it is a part of your body given from your parents. (However, as you known from your vast kdrama watching experience, the requirement was fairly flexible.)
To achieve the daenggi meori coiffure the hair is parted in the middle and made into a simple braid. The hairstyle itself got its name from the ribbon attached to the end of the braid called daenggi (댕기).
Other accessories such as various dwikkoji are usually added to decorate the haistyle.
However, the most profound of them is probably a traditional ornament known as baetssi daenggi (배씨 댕기).
Baetssi (배씨) means “pit of a pear,” from which the shape of the ornament came.
The hairpin was placed on the top of the head to complement the hairstyle.
The material varies from thin, cloth-like material or soft material like cotton stuffed into colored cloth to pearls or gemstones and some parts of it can be also made of metal.
The hair of girls began to be adorned by baetssi daenggi since young age as it was believed that the ornament can protect the child from illness and bad luck.
However, the crucial difference between a baetssi daenggi and its counterpart worn by married women and high ranked court ladies known as cheopji is that the entire shape of cheopji was made of metals in the forms of dragon, peacock, phoenix, duck, bird, frog, or flowers whereas baetssi daenggi usually combines various flower or butterly motives.
InKyung and InHyun wearing baetssi daenggi
The females of the royal family wearing various shapes of cheopji: phoenix, peacock, bird and dragon 


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