We got a little glimpse of the hanbok during CS’s flashback which included his meeting with JOJ that took place in the fields. Obviously he planned to propose only to lose his chance to be with her forever. Well, that’s the fate of the second lead.
Altogether, the dress is yet again another splendid model with its radiant magenta chima not unlike the one JOJ wore with the FIREFLY GOWN. The skirt is decorated by a distinct norigae placed on the skirtband.
I’ve noticed that lotus embroideries adorns many of JOJ’s jeogori. JOJ and lotus – two extraordinary flowers. The symbolism is pretty astute when you think about it. Lotus, a flower that sprouts in mud only to blossom and stand beautifully above the muddy water, not dirtied by it at all. It’s really a fitting parallel to JOJ’s determination and sheer will to rise above her humble beginnings and the people who slighted her all her life. 
The warm hue of yellow upper garment together with the contrasting black otgoreum and dongjeong (a white collar strip) makes the embroidery stand out on its own.
Her daenggi meori haistyle is decorated by a simple violet daenggi and an intricate dwikkoji is placed on one side of her head.
It’s such a pity we saw only so little of this gorgeous gown.

When the Great Dowager Queen Jo decides to push Ok Jung into LS’s arms (and bed) her court ladies make JOJ to take bath before they bring her to the king.
The maids arrange her hair into a simple coiffure held only by an elegant pearly haipinthat enables them to wash and comb it easily.
The bathing gown is a simple design similar to that of a regular sokchima with a chima geun (strap) tied over the chima margi (skirtband) to fasten the dress together.

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