KTH wore this stunning hanbok on the pre-premiere press conference albeit with different accessories. Little did we know, that when JOJ would put it on it will be for the first night she would share with LS!
The hot pink jeogori (upper garment) is yet again embroidered with lotus flowers on the front and the right sleeve.
A double-coloured otgoreum of black and yellow ties the sides together and the git(the neckline part) is decorated with a dongjeong (white collar strip).
A striking green chima adorned with a beautiful norigae hung on its margi (skirtband)complements the outfit.
Her hair is brought back into a daenggi meori. A yellow and green daenggi(ribbon) mantains a simple braid.
JOJ’s places an intricate dwikkoji on of side of her head to add a finishing touch to the hairstyle.
However, we can see that both the dwikkoji and daenggi KTH wore during the press conference differ from the ones in the drama.
In addition there is a baetssi daenggi adorning the top of her head and a prominentpanji (a single ring) on one of her fingers.
During the aftermath of their lovemaking, JOJ puts on an expensive sokgot (underwear)consisting of a transparent sokjeoksam (underjacket with buttons instead of otgoreum) and sokchima.
In their small private wedding ceremony of their own, LS arranges her hair in a way worn only by married women and presenting her with the most beautiful dwikkoji I’ve seen.

Another amazing dress, this time with a distinct mustard chima that complemets the turquoise jeogori with black sleeves that are adorned with complicated floral patterns.
The upper garment is bound together with an opaque otgoreum. A dongjeong tops the jeogori.
Her daenggi meori haistyle is again adorned by a black and red ribbon and a gorgeous dwikkoji (smaller hairpin).

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