When JOJ secretly enters the palace to reunite with LS she has to hide her identity because the Queen Dowager and In Hyun’s father would have done anything in their power to prevent the lovers in meeting again.
Therefore she dons a fetching violet jangot (an overcoat worn by women to cover their face in front of strangers and in public) to cover her face from prying eyes.
As she is visiting the royal household JOJ wears a myrtle green chima (skirt) with a contrasting Mexican pink dangui (ceremonial jacket with slits on both sides) over her jeogori with dark git (fabric of the collar) and donjeong (white collar strip).
A beautiful norigae (pendant) hungs from the green otgoreum (cloth strap) that is tying the overflapping sides of the jacket together.
The top of her head is decorated with a butterfly baetssi daenggi and a pair of dwikkoji adorns the side of her head.
Her braid is mantained by a double-coloured daenggi (ribbon) with a butterfly motif.

This hanbok reminds me a little of the FIREFLY GOWN with the way the upper and lower garments are designed.
A rich magenta chima (skirt) adorned with a norigae (pendant) complements a steel blue jeogori. An otgoreum that mantains the jacket is made from the same fabric as the skirt whereas a checkered cloth decorates the gil (the largest part of jeogori).

dongjeong (white collar strip) and white kudongs (cuffs or end sleeves) add finishing touch to the outfit.
To protect her idendity after the attemp at her life JOJ opts for a silver-grey jangot that she already wore with the RUNAWAY GOWN.
Her hair is yet again styled in a daenggi meori that shows her status of an unmarried woman and is adorned by a daenggi (ribbon) and golden dwikkoji with beads.


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