For his undercover hunting mission Lee Soon dons an elegant yungbok (융복, a type of military uniform) that consists of a red cheollik (an overcoat) decorated by a dongjeong (white collar strip). 
The upper garment has the typical pleated and slitted skirt that enhances the movement and flexibility.
Under it LS wears a contrasting blue jungchimak (a shorter overcoat) and white jeogori.
The sleeves are covered by black gaiters and fastened by a cloth string.

A red-black dae (belt) decorated with an inticate silver brooch is bound around he waist and fastened at the back to mantain the attire.

Turquoise baji (trousers) and high boots(hwa) complemet the outfit.

His hair are pulled on the top of his head into a sangtu protected by a clasp. A manggeon (망건, headband made of horse hair) covered by a bandana and a pair of gwanja (관자, buttons) are used to mantain the hairstyle.

It’s the perfect outfit for all the activities Lee Soon excels in – horse riding, archery, shooting, sparring, fighting bandits or saving the damsel in distress.

When JOJ disappears after they night together LS joins his cousin and bodyguard in the search, however, he arrives late into the already burned down hut. During this trip wears an attire typical for yangban men.
 A blue dopo (an overcoat with wide flapping sleeves) covers a concealed jeogori (a jacket or a shirt). The overcoat is overlapped by an embroidered jeonbok (sleeveless vest) of a lighter blue shade and tied together by a matching blue otgoreum. The dopo and the jeonbok are fixed by a black jaejodae (a tasseled cord tied around the waist).
LS wears a gat (hat) adorned with a string of gemstones knows as gatkeun which reveals his aristocratic backround.

He wears a pair of taesahye (태사혜) – a very expensive low-cut shoes for men made from animal skin with scroll decoration and lined with silk inside.


  1. I like how they have slits in their long overcoats to allow freedom of movement of their legs. Seems really practical to me.
    “or saving the damsel in distress” hehe. Love it.

    1. LS wore that red robe in episode 4 and it was great to re-watch all those amazing moments again :-).

      The people in Joseon Dynasty liked their clothing to be comfortable and practical. Practicticality was the main reason why the chima was designed so loose and the baji evolved from tightly fitting to baggy.

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