The Firefly Hanbok belongs to my favourite attires worn by Yoo Ah In in the entire drama and it isn’t only because of all the amazing OTP moments.

When his mother decides to marry him off she comes up with the idea of a fated meeting and when the first opportunity fails there is always Prince Lee Hang’s firework match up party and the Prince knows how to get the closet bookworm that is LS cooperate. Unfortunately, for the queen and his uncle/cousin, you can’t cheat Fate.

This outfit differs slightly from the previous hanboks worn by LS – the distinction is in the sleeveless vest which isn’t the usual jeonbok but a garment known as a kwaeja(쾌자) which basically represents a longer version of a baeja (배자, short vest worn both by men and women)

The kwaeja usually has a more rounded neckline than the jeonbok with its typical V-neckline and unlike its more famous counterpart it lacks the otgoreum and is fastened by cloth buttons instead. 

LS’s kwaeja is a masterpiece design with blue and purple luxurious fabrics creating the elegant lines and the front of the gil is decorated by intricate floral embroideries and an expensive brooch. 

We can spot a blue dopo (an overcoat with wide flapping sleeves) topped by a dongjeong (a white collar strip) which is fixed together with the kwaeja by a black jaejodae (a tasseled cord tied around the waist).

He wears a pair of taesahye (태사혜) – a very expensive low-cut shoes for men made from animal skin with scroll decoration and lined with silk inside.

His hair are pulled into a sangtu (a topknot) and styled in the typical hairstyle for adult men in Joseon. It’s maintained by a headband made of horse hair called a manggeon and a pair of gwanja (관자, little gemstones placed on the left and right side of the manggeon)

LS wears a gat (hat) adorned with a string of gemstones knows as gatkeun which reveals his aristocratic backround.

Looking at the way the crown prince looks wearing this amazing gown, can you even blame Jang Ok Jung for being jealous of his own sister 🙂 ?


  1. Pelicancharm · · Reply

    Hello ^^.

    This is one of my favourites as well. It’s so pretty yet masculine at the same time.

    1. Welcome, Pelicancharm!!! It’s great to see you here!

      I complete agree! He looks perfect. It really makes me nostalgic for the earlier episodes 🙂 You have no idea how long it took me to choose those few screecaps out of thousands I made of this costume because it isn’t just the hanbok but the way YAI looks in the sageuk get-up (hat and all considered)!!! This type of thing happened to me only with LMH in City Hunter and Faith!

  2. PrincessMe2515 · · Reply

    Gosh, my heart really beat a little faster when I saw Ah In here….I swear this was the MOMENT when JOJ became my fix…..drooooolll…

    1. I know!!! To me it seems that everytime Lee Soon changed into a hanbok he reverted back to that flirty youth we could see in the first 10 episodes that’s why I love those scenes so much. I mean he looks great in his king’s robes but YAI rocks those gorgeous hanbok and that blue private chamber attire that it makes him appear almost out of this world perfect!

      Can you imagine how difficult it is for me to delete any screencap of him in his informal outfits?! Almost impossible! That’s why that particular folder on my computer has over 5GB!!!

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  4. excuse me, whats the name of that traditional dress he is wearing specifically?

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