“I attempt to make clothes that men would fall in love with.”
I love this get-up so much that I created an extra post for this little gem alone which it so richly deserves in my opinion. I think that the Lilac Dream Gown  is an appropriate name for this sublime dress that JOJ dons to seduce LS and lure him from the official bed-sharing with InHyun and the way I see it he seems to be more than happy to oblige and let himself be seduced.
The whole attire is actually a lilac sokot (undergarments) which consists of a fluffy sokchima whose rich pleated fabric is gathered into wide chima margi (a skirtband) that fasten over the breast, much like a tube top and is tied with a chima geun (a skirt strap).
The transparent lingerie top known as sokjeoksam fits seductively to her upper body leaving very little to imagination and to what her intent is. 

The difference between the sokjeoksam and sokjeogori is that sokjeoksam is fastened by cloth buttons which are replaced by the goreum or otgoreum (a cloth strap) by the sokjeogori.

JOJ puts on white baekmal or beoseon (white socks) and wears low shoes known as goonghye (궁혜), a general term used for footwear worn by the female members of the royal household, often made with silk or leather.
Her hair is arranged into a simplified version of jjokjin meori meaning that her braid is pulled back into a jjok (a chignon) which she adorns with the gorgeous dwikkoji that Lee Soon present her with after their first night together.
“I try to convey the feeling of flowers trying to lure in the butterflies…men are the butterflies that seek out the flowers…” 



  1. The Lilac Dream Gown is definitely the right name for it. JOJ looks just beautiful – I love the shoes too. 😀

    1. She really looks stunning, right?

      By the way, I’ve been preparing 2 or 3 Shoes specials in for August 😉

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