26) THE LILAC DREAM GOWN “I attempt to make clothes that men would fall in love with.” I love this get-up so much that I created an extra post for this little gem alone which it so richly deserves in my opinion. I think that the Lilac Dream Gown  is an appropriate name for this sublime dress […]

BEOSEON (버선, socks) Beoseon was called the pair of the Korean traditional socks worn with hanbok for protection, warmth, and style. They are also called jokui (족의), jokgeon (족건) or mal (말) and according to a book Hunmong jahoe written by Choe Sejin in 1527, beoseon was called bosyeonmal (보션말). The exact date when beoseon first began to be worn isn’t known, however, the ancient beoseon is assumed to be a form extended from baji (trousers) or bojagi (보자기, wrapping […]

11) THE FIREFLY HANBOK The Firefly Hanbok belongs to my favourite attires worn by Yoo Ah In in the entire drama and it isn’t only because of all the amazing OTP moments. When his mother decides to marry him off she comes up with the idea of a fated meeting and when the first opportunity fails there is always […]

24)THE BUTTERFLY DANGUI GOWN JOJ has the love and grace of the king Sukjong therefore her status is elevated again short after her promotion to a high ranked court lady and she becomes a concubine with the title Jang Sukwon. Sukwon (숙원, 淑媛) known as the Royal Noble Consort rank 4 was the lowest level among the concubine ranks, however, they enjoyed […]

WONSAM (원삼) Wonsam is a ceremonial overcoat worn by female members of the royal family, court ladies (sang goong), wives of high-ranking governmental officials and on the special occasion of their wedding also by women living outside the palace during the Joseon Dynasty. It’s been also called a daeui (big clothing), daesu (wide sleeves) and jangsam (long clothing). The queen, princess consort, and consort to the first son […]

22) THE BLUE SANG GOONG GOWN When a gungnyeo (a court maid) had received the king’s favour (he slept with her) she was promoted to a high ranking court official known as the “favoured sang goong”. As such she was entitled to a residence and a sang goong (상궁, high rank of a court lady) of her own, however, this title didn’t make her a part of the […]

9) THE RED HUNTING ROBE For his undercover hunting mission Lee Soon dons an elegant yungbok (융복, a type of military uniform) that consists of a red cheollik (an overcoat) decorated by a dongjeong (white collar strip).  The upper garment has the typical pleated and slitted skirt that enhances the movement and flexibility. Under it LS wears a contrasting blue jungchimak (a shorter overcoat) and white jeogori. The sleeves […]

9) JANGDO A jangdo (an encased ornamental knife) is a short knife to carry easily, and was used as a weapon for protection or a dressing accessory or a daily necessity. The craftsman who has the skill to make it is called a jangdojang. The present term jangdo seems to have come into use in the Goryeo period and it’s assumed that the wearing of […]

20) THE PINK DANGUI REUNION GOWN When JOJ secretly enters the palace to reunite with LS she has to hide her identity because the Queen Dowager and In Hyun’s father would have done anything in their power to prevent the lovers in meeting again. Therefore she dons a fetching violet jangot (an overcoat worn by women to cover their face in front […]

8) THE DRAGON CHEOLLIK There are basically many types of military uniforms worn by the king and his officials in Joseon Dynasty, however, the most dinstinctive of them are certainly the gugunbok (구군복) which I introduced a couple of weeks ago and the yungbok (융복) which is the attire we have seen LS wearing for sparring, hunting or shooting already many times. Actually, […]