Lee Seon Jae – A shy man or a piano prodigy with Asparger syndrome? You who have known me for some time now already know that when I start obsessing over something my obsession reaches epic proportions. Well, to say I’ve been obssesing over SLA would be the understatement of the century. The level of […]

Episode 3 is a pure OTP PERFECTION! I’m simply in awe of the way each episode keeps slowly building up the tension and attraction between SJ and HW as it feels like an intimate crescendo that will culminate in a dazzling climax. What is not to love about a show that starts with its male lead kneeling […]

JTBC’s newest Mon-Tue drama has premiered two weeks ago and Nate has been abuzz with it ever since, with SLA being 1.- 5. most searched each day (a huge success for a cable drama). Well, one thing is certain – Yoo Ah In, the noona killer, is back with vengeance as he banishes all my doubts […]

If you told me a month ago that I would end up suffering from insomnia writing long ramblings about YWCFTS I’d call you crazy. Yet, it’s 2 a.m. in my timezone and here I am typing about my total addiction for this drama.The ratings are on the rise sweeping past the 20% percent mark with […]

It’s official – this show owns my heart! Even for Heirs I haven’t felt this level of excitement with which can compete only one drama this years – SBS’s Jang Ok Jung (despite the lackluster second half). And I don’t want to speak too soon but when every newspaper, blogger and fan out there is putting […]

Sayonaraaaa, Heirs! Welcome E.T!!! So the most famous alien in Asia right now has finally landed on Earth and it looks like his motto must be “I came, I saw, I conquered” because he swept through the Kdramaland and won on all fronts bringing in a strong 15,6% ratings and thus beating his competition by […]

10) RINGS – GARAKJI AND PANJI Just as every aspect of the life in the era, the accessories of the Joseon Dynasty had also been influenced by the Confucianism ideals, therefore wearing of earrings and necklaces by women was basically outlawed just as was the wearing of rings by men. This was largely  because they symbolized […]

27) THE VIOLET SUKWON GOWN This dress is the last one JOJ wears as Jang Sukwon during her meeting with LS when he announces her promotion to Jang Hee Bin giving her the name Bin aka radiant. Her gorgeous dangui made of an expensive violet fabric is decorated with intricate embroideries of lotus and water lily which represents JOJ perseverance. The […]

12) THE BLUE HUNTING ROBE The Blue Hunting Robe might just be my favourite among Lee Soon’s vast collection of yungbok (융복) which is the attire we have seen LS wearing for sparring, hunting or shooting already many times.  Just as the gugunbok yungbok was worn for diplomatic trips and in wartimes but also by officials for their military exams or the […]

SINBAL 신발 (footwear) So after the longer hiatus caused by my holiday in Crete my new post focuses on the traditional Korean footwear which is a piece of art in its own right and holds many meanings just as hanbok. In the Joseon Dynasty, shoes were not only used as foot coverings and decorations, but also as indicators […]